Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer is already here!!

It's already July here in NC and it's hard to believe that I've been retired for almost 6 months.  The house is coming along nicely with about 60% done.  There is still lots of finishing to be done.  We moved in the house around the end of May, once we bought a new queen mattress set to sleep in.  The kitchen was completed enough to use around early June.  We've also been lucky that the previous owner of the property planted, roses, lilies and other plants.  Here are photos of a few that have been blooming so far.

My craft room is about 90% finished, and I've been busy this week working on Asheville Cotton Company $5 Mystery Quilt blocks and also a Downton Abbey Block of the Month from Carolina Fabric and Foam located in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

It's been really hot here since we moved down the mountain and I've needed some cooler shorts.  I used the Kwik Sew Pattern 3615, and used quilt fabric, Love More from Susan Black & also have another pair cut out and ready to sew using the quilt fabric Illustrations by  The nice thing about this pattern is the pockets are nicely finished and you can't see them.  I made the XL if you are interested.

I hope to finish the other pair late this evening or early next week.  My to-do-list for the upcoming weeks are to finally get the kitchen set up and all the pots, pans, plasticware put up so the spare bedroom can be emptied as a storage room.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Happy stitching, knitting and sewing everyone!!

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  1. Gorgeous flowers and cool shorts :) Glad to see you posting.