Friday, July 8, 2016

Asheville Cotton Co. $5 Mystery Quilt update

Hi fellow crafters:

For the 2016 mystery quilt, I have opted to pay for the extra "expansion block each month for $5.  I just finished the June expansion block and here's a photo of all 8 blocks for March - June completed.  Tomorrow I will get the July blocks and only pay the $5 for the expansion.

This quilt is a lot of fun & I've finally realized if I don't iron the blocks as I go there is no "stretching" of the pieces.  This has bothered me in the past and now I have figured out how to make sure they fit.  I would be glad for any quilting comments of how you keep your blocks from stretching too, in the actual sewing processes.

Around the house:  I will be painting again today, the shelves for my wire rack appliances.  Will be using my husband's favorite color yellow; and doing some laundry today too.  I hope to get back to my sewing room later today and fix a zipper for a friend's capris that she can wear at work.  She and I have been joking that now with my retirement, I will become her personal tailor....

Hope everyone is having fun today, happy stitching, knitting and sewing...

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