Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Crafting

Well, I finally retired from my "paying" jobs after 41 years working.  Since I'm too young to get Social Security I will have less money that when working.  But, the good part is I've been "stockpiling" as most crafters do.  I have plenty of yarn, cross-stitch patterns, needlework patterns, quilting fabric and clothing fabrics.

Phil and I also found a really nice foreclosure that we could afford down the mountain from where we now live.  We have been working on fixing it up since the 1st week of March.  It is about ½ done with the structural fixes, still waiting on the new roof to be put on and the water to be fixed and running.  We will be move there on May 1st no matter what and living in our RV of course.  I will finally have a CRAFT room again, and very excited for this.  Once we have internet service I will make a point of blogging at least once a week or so.  I have so VERY many projects planned.  The first few to finish are my son's sweater, it's all knitted except the last sleeve.  Then I'll sew it together and send to him in Seattle and see if he can get a photo for me.  Second project is my sister's Hitofude sweater in the color way of turquoise and brown.  If you're interested, the pattern can be found here on ravelry:  Hitofude-cardigan

This is a photo of the view from the porch of our property.  I will enjoy stitching, knitting or just having a cup of coffee in the morning watching the trees and listening to the wonderful birds..

I attended my first Primitive Stitching Retreat in Marietta Georgia, this past month and my exchange piece is the Blackbird Design, "BlueBird" stitched with blue silk and I handmade the pattern, and hand-sewed it with fabric from Mary Jo's located in Gastonia, NC.  I really love it and although I missed the real primitive look my exchange partner still liked it.  If anyone would like a pattern (free), I'll make it and place on my blog in the upcoming weeks.  Just comment so I'll know to make the pattern.

Well, have a great week.  Happy stitching, knitting, sewing and crafting everyone..

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  1. You must've attended the PSS Retreat from the sound of your blog post - lucky you! I attended in 2015 but couldn't go this year. I've registered for next year though so looking forward to it! Your exchange piece is lovely. Congratulations on your retirement! I retired last summer and like you I'm still not old enough for my Social Security. I don't miss my job but it's been a mental adjustment for me...I kind of miss interaction with my work friends and of course my paycheck I had for over 40 years! I too have enough stash to last more than this lifetime luckily. We're planning on downsizing to a smaller home in the next year when my husband quits working and I'm not sure if I'll still have a sewing/craft room or not. I'm having a little trouble adjusting to all this change - I guess I was comfortable in my old rut LOL.