Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stitching At the Beach

We'll it's that time of year again and I'll be off to the 2015 Pal's Stitching at the Beach retreat.  If you've never been it's WONDERFUL.  The price of the hotel is very reasonable, and the Stitching women are fantastic too.  Also Amy from Down Sunshine Lane is great too!!! Can't want to get there with my friends...

I finally sent my retirement date with the VA and it will be January 8th 2015.  I'm getting a little scared since it will be more of a change than can be imagined.  I've been working since I was 16 (part-time at first) and not really ever had a break for 41 years I guess.  My job working in VA Research (administrative support only) is actually get much better, but they say you need to retire before you no longer can contribute to the company you work for :).  I'm hoping to begin really posting on my blog again and getting a lot more things finished (lots of cross-stitching, needlework, quilting and of course knitting for family and friends).

I've been going through my quilting, Inspiration magazines, and will sell some on my blog, but for much less than they are worth since I'll just turn around and use the monies for more crafting supplies.  I should have the first batch to see around the middle of October, so check back if you're interested.

Hope everyone has a great few weeks!

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