Thursday, March 12, 2015

Eleanor Parr An English Sampler received and another Knitting finish

I'm excited that Ms. Eleanor Parr is here, so now I'll need to find the right fabric and DMC threads.  I also have a photo of the hat I finished for a friend to show.  I really do love to knit cables, they look so very elegant and are so very easy.  I actually used the Lion Brand website (cable) free instructions to learn about four years ago and just couldn't believe how easy they are, and I'd been missing the "fun" for so many years.  If you're interested, I do recommend their website as a great way to learn and you may also be surprised how easy they are too.

I also had to show you the photo I took last week after walking with my friend of a sunset around the lake the other night since it was so beautiful...makes me look like a professional photographer... 

Heres a funny--blurry photo of my cat Dr. Watson trying to make friends with the Blue Heron that hangs around the place.  Once he realized Dr. Watson was around, he did the right thing and just flew away :)  

I'm still (very slowly) knitting the Donatello (ninja turtle) cap for my oldest sone, once there is actually something to see, I'll post a photo too.

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