Saturday, March 7, 2015

A cruise, a wedding, and back to the real world.

Dear Stitching and knitting friends:

Well, Phil and I went on a wonderful cruise the 3rd week of January and had a wonderful time.

The next weekend was my youngest son's wedding and of course it was beautiful.  I did finish the wedding quilt, with not a minute to spare and tried a new technique too (graphed the actual font in their announcement and then just used machine appliqué to the center of the quilt.  I never did take a photo of the finished quilt but here's the photo before the binding.

Here are a few photos of my son and beautiful daughter-in-law.
Been busy as usual knitting a few more projects: finished the sweater finish for my 2nd cousin's daughter, and another scarf for myself.

My current project is a warm throw knitting, using Noro Nadeshiko, which is made up of 40% angora ;to keep me warm next winter while stitching, etc.   I've also registered at the hotel in Myrtle Beach for the 2015 PALS Stitching at the Beach, sponsored by Down Sunshine Lane in South Carolina.  It will be nice to be there again in October with some of my knitting friends too.    Well, it's time to get some rest especially since we lose an hour here in the US tonight.  Bless you all out there.

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