Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stitching At the Beach

We'll it's that time of year again and I'll be off to the 2015 Pal's Stitching at the Beach retreat.  If you've never been it's WONDERFUL.  The price of the hotel is very reasonable, and the Stitching women are fantastic too.  Also Amy from Down Sunshine Lane is great too!!! Can't want to get there with my friends...

I finally sent my retirement date with the VA and it will be January 8th 2015.  I'm getting a little scared since it will be more of a change than can be imagined.  I've been working since I was 16 (part-time at first) and not really ever had a break for 41 years I guess.  My job working in VA Research (administrative support only) is actually get much better, but they say you need to retire before you no longer can contribute to the company you work for :).  I'm hoping to begin really posting on my blog again and getting a lot more things finished (lots of cross-stitching, needlework, quilting and of course knitting for family and friends).

I've been going through my quilting, Inspiration magazines, and will sell some on my blog, but for much less than they are worth since I'll just turn around and use the monies for more crafting supplies.  I should have the first batch to see around the middle of October, so check back if you're interested.

Hope everyone has a great few weeks!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Eleanor Parr An English Sampler received and another Knitting finish

I'm excited that Ms. Eleanor Parr is here, so now I'll need to find the right fabric and DMC threads.  I also have a photo of the hat I finished for a friend to show.  I really do love to knit cables, they look so very elegant and are so very easy.  I actually used the Lion Brand website (cable) free instructions to learn about four years ago and just couldn't believe how easy they are, and I'd been missing the "fun" for so many years.  If you're interested, I do recommend their website as a great way to learn and you may also be surprised how easy they are too.

I also had to show you the photo I took last week after walking with my friend of a sunset around the lake the other night since it was so beautiful...makes me look like a professional photographer... 

Heres a funny--blurry photo of my cat Dr. Watson trying to make friends with the Blue Heron that hangs around the place.  Once he realized Dr. Watson was around, he did the right thing and just flew away :)  

I'm still (very slowly) knitting the Donatello (ninja turtle) cap for my oldest sone, once there is actually something to see, I'll post a photo too.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A cruise, a wedding, and back to the real world.

Dear Stitching and knitting friends:

Well, Phil and I went on a wonderful cruise the 3rd week of January and had a wonderful time.

The next weekend was my youngest son's wedding and of course it was beautiful.  I did finish the wedding quilt, with not a minute to spare and tried a new technique too (graphed the actual font in their announcement and then just used machine appliqué to the center of the quilt.  I never did take a photo of the finished quilt but here's the photo before the binding.

Here are a few photos of my son and beautiful daughter-in-law.
Been busy as usual knitting a few more projects: finished the sweater finish for my 2nd cousin's daughter, and another scarf for myself.

My current project is a warm throw knitting, using Noro Nadeshiko, which is made up of 40% angora ;to keep me warm next winter while stitching, etc.   I've also registered at the hotel in Myrtle Beach for the 2015 PALS Stitching at the Beach, sponsored by Down Sunshine Lane in South Carolina.  It will be nice to be there again in October with some of my knitting friends too.    Well, it's time to get some rest especially since we lose an hour here in the US tonight.  Bless you all out there.