Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"BEE" stitching SAL Post #1

Dear Stitching friends:  I was able to work some on the HoneyBee Hill project that I'll be making into a pin cushion once I've finished stitching.  I worked on the border above and the bee hive on the right.  Will post a photo again this coming Saturday as promised.

My next photo below is actually the purple rayon/linen fabric from Italy. It's the Vogue 3100 DKNY sheath dress with pockets, it actually takes more work than it looks.  I can't wait to make it in a black and maybe more colors!  The pattern has been discontinued by Vogue but you may still be able to find it somewhere else.  If I had purchased the dress retail, my guess it would be around $200 US, thank goodness I love sewing....

I also received my three new patterns and will post photos next week.  Happy knitting, stitching and sewing everyone....

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall Sewing for Work, online pattern shop find...

Hi everyone, I've been really busy finishing up more projects and knitting a cap for my sister-in-law, and accidentally dropped a stitch so I had to start it over again.  I've made the same pattern for my youngest son David and also one for my husband Phil.  Once her's is complete I'll post a photo.

I've been buying way too much yarn and fabric again.  But I've finished so many projects this year, at least the stash isn't growing too fast.  After chatting with my sister Deb at Needles and Words, I realized that I need to catalog all my quilting and clothing fabrics so I know exactly what I have.  I looked through it today and realized that a new pattern I purchased would be great for some of the beautiful linens that I have for work.  Here's a photos of the pattern (The Trapeze Dress).  Since I now knit a lot of scarves it's a great dress to wear them with especially in the winter and fall months when it gets chilly outside :).
   There is also a pants pattern called 101 Pants Pattern by the same company that I've also purchased at  I also purchased the pattern from them titled Stitch 56 Alder Shirtdress, and they are having a contest for one more week for this pattern.  Check out their website if you're an avid "seamstress" or just like to sew for yourself!  

I cut out two dresses and one pair of pants the other night and hope to begin sewing on them all tonight.  The dress is a very easy sheath style with a flounce, Vogue 3100 (DKNY), didn't realize it was already out of print since it can be a "girls best friend" as a wonderful BLACK dress, or anything.  I'll post a photo when I finish one or both later.  Here's the cover photo, or you can still view it on the Vogue pattern website too. As you can see by the photo, it will be really easy and quick to sew up - which I love!! 

I have also found my bee stitching which has been in "hiding" since the early parts of January that I'll begin stitching on this upcoming week and posting my first photos on September 15th.  Hope you all have a great evening.  Hopefully I'll have some new dress photos to post tomorrow evening.