Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years 2014

I've had a very busy 2013, lots of knitting, some stitching and sewing and a few crochet projects.  The bad part is my arms and shoulders have suffered.  I really need to see a physician about this and really slow down for a while.  So far I have a toboggan for my nephew to finish, a throw for my niece, my oldest sister's ongoing quilt (which I am happy to report is actually almost done) and a scarf for my youngest son.  I finished a pincushion for my youngest sister that I intend to mail on Monday if the weather permits.  I have found a new author for quilting and I've been purchasing her books.  I just ordered three more from Amazon that will ship from Japan.  Yoko Saito is her name, the books are Scandinavian Quilts and Japanese craft book "Adult bag of a usual envoy by Youko Saito"#0388.  

I have the two in the photos below already ordered from Amazon.  I think I may work on some sewing projects for this year just to rest the muscles that I knit with; since I have at least four quilt tops that have been finished for many years :).  Hopefully this will help, but I'm not sure.  

Also, my Friday's off (part-time) ended this past Friday so I will have less time for crafting too.  Below are some photos of 2013 finishes too:

Cladonia Shaw for self, of course, love the colors too

Toboggan for son David

Infamous Orange Hoodie finished finally !

Another blouse finished two weeks ago for work, it had been partially sewn for over six months (pretty sad I know).

I hope to also work on some Cross stitch patterns this year too and have loads to show, maybe my next post.

Hope all you stitchers out there have a wonderful week (those of you in the winter months, a WARM week)!!


  1. Wow Diana! So many wonderful finishes. I hope that you adjust easily to your new schedule and find lots of stitching time. Have a great week!

  2. You've accomplished so much! When I overdo it, I turn to my stretching exercises. They help tremendously! I hope you're feeling better soon... there are so many patterns out there just waiting to be finished!

  3. What beautiful work you do! Can't wait to see what you accomplish as this year unfolds!

  4. Hi Diana! Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment--I'm happy to have found your blog, too...

    Amazing knitting and sewing--you are very talented. I look forward to seeing your cross stitch (of course!!)... Happy New Year to you!

  5. So many beautiful finishes! I hope you won't be too busy with work to blog as I love seeing the things you have made.