Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone is having a joyous holiday season.  I'm enjoying a visit from my son whom lives in Seattle, WA and also my son whom lives in No. Charleston, SC.  I have finished two knitted hats and one crocheted hat for a relative to give to her grandchildren for Christmas presents and working on finishing up the sweater for my cousin.

My older son wants a skull cap with Donatello (the Ninja Turtle of course) knitted on it.  Thought I'd use a really nice black/navy yarn from my favorite yarn shop of course.  Once I get started, I'll post a photo.  I've not been working on the "Bee" stitching project since I also must finish a wedding quilt for my son and his fiancee by the 15th of January.  I'm so VERY excited.

This photo of them is at their wedding shower.  They each had a erase board and were asked specific questions about each other.  His bride-to-be of course won the contest!  It was a wonderful shower too; lots of wonderful friends and family were present. 

Until next year, have a wonderful holiday!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

November Happenings

Hello everyone.  I have been a busy "bee" this past month and it's about over, whoa!  Have been stitching more on the Honeybee Hill Sampler Box pattern; and have added a photo.  
I have also been knitting a sweater for my second cousin and it's called Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi;
started knitting a throw for the couch to keep warm in these winter months (it's already been below 20 here in the evenings) called Radiating Star Blanket.  

I went on my first "Knitting Cruise" with my sister Anna (how crazy is my hair in this photo :) and 2 knitting friends from here on the Enchantment of Seas the first week of November.  We had a great time just soaking up the sun, knitting, reading, sleeping and spent one day at the beach in Nassau, Bahamas.  

After that, it was on to Tallahassee, FL, with my Sister Anna to spend a week there visiting family and also to celebrate my mothers 80th birthday.  Isn't she beautiful?  I also had a WONDERFUL visit with all my family; my sister Anna and I spend two days sewing and just visiting.  I also spend a day with my sister Deb too.  Then it was, fly back to reality (work, cooking, cleaning, etc.)

Happy stitching, knitting and crafting everyone and Hope everyone has a wonderful November too!.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Bee" Stitching week three I think

Picked up the Honeybee Hill Sampler Box pattern this afternoon and my progress is below.  I've changed up one of the colors for this part since I really like pinks.  I'll be using GA Raspberry Parfait for the Copper listed, and using Copper for the Pumpkin Patch.  I also will be stitching the other bird using a different shade of blue for a little more color, using Uniform Blue instead of the bird below using Tin Bucket.  Also another trick I'm using - if you look at my Queen Bee in the previous post:  Instead of using the threads variegated and single, I just use One thread folded and this causes the colors to mix a little differently.  Do any of you stitchers out there use this technique too?  Just wondering.  Sometimes where the variegations are distinct, I'll switch back.

I also belong to a group on called Stash Killers.   So I started a new knitting project titled Vonica, by Chick Knits using some stash yarn I've had for a very long time, at least 2 years.  Don't have much knitted yet, so I'll post a photo next week.  My yarn is 75% merino wool and 25% silk.  Its a blue to gray color way.  Really nice.  

Stash swap:  Stitching Question, do any of you have a copy of the Strawberry Garden by Blackbird Designs?  I really love it and can't seem to locate at any of the online shops.  I have a lot of nice patterns that I would be willing to exchange that I've never stitched.  Let me know in a comment and will make a list this week of my stash swap patterns and email you back and also post as a side bar.

Hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend, it's rather chilly here in the mountains around Swannanoa and Asheville, NC.   

Friday, October 3, 2014

First Bee finish on to another

I just finished stitching the Honeybee Hill pin cushion which is my first "Bee" design completed so far.  Now on to the shaker box top design - while watching a little TV with my personal "honeybun" (Phil) and I've posted photo a few photos below.  Once I complete the pin cushion, I'll post another photo of the finish.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Knitting for Phil

Well, I've knitted two caps for my spouse Phil for hunting the past two weeks and both actually fit him and he likes both.  I've used two free patterns I found on the first one is a freebie from purlsoho and the other one is free from tincanknits.

the first photo came out light and the second one that Phil is actually wearing is bright orange to protect him from getting shot by another hunter :).

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"BEE" stitching SAL Post #1

Dear Stitching friends:  I was able to work some on the HoneyBee Hill project that I'll be making into a pin cushion once I've finished stitching.  I worked on the border above and the bee hive on the right.  Will post a photo again this coming Saturday as promised.

My next photo below is actually the purple rayon/linen fabric from Italy. It's the Vogue 3100 DKNY sheath dress with pockets, it actually takes more work than it looks.  I can't wait to make it in a black and maybe more colors!  The pattern has been discontinued by Vogue but you may still be able to find it somewhere else.  If I had purchased the dress retail, my guess it would be around $200 US, thank goodness I love sewing....

I also received my three new patterns and will post photos next week.  Happy knitting, stitching and sewing everyone....

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall Sewing for Work, online pattern shop find...

Hi everyone, I've been really busy finishing up more projects and knitting a cap for my sister-in-law, and accidentally dropped a stitch so I had to start it over again.  I've made the same pattern for my youngest son David and also one for my husband Phil.  Once her's is complete I'll post a photo.

I've been buying way too much yarn and fabric again.  But I've finished so many projects this year, at least the stash isn't growing too fast.  After chatting with my sister Deb at Needles and Words, I realized that I need to catalog all my quilting and clothing fabrics so I know exactly what I have.  I looked through it today and realized that a new pattern I purchased would be great for some of the beautiful linens that I have for work.  Here's a photos of the pattern (The Trapeze Dress).  Since I now knit a lot of scarves it's a great dress to wear them with especially in the winter and fall months when it gets chilly outside :).
   There is also a pants pattern called 101 Pants Pattern by the same company that I've also purchased at  I also purchased the pattern from them titled Stitch 56 Alder Shirtdress, and they are having a contest for one more week for this pattern.  Check out their website if you're an avid "seamstress" or just like to sew for yourself!  

I cut out two dresses and one pair of pants the other night and hope to begin sewing on them all tonight.  The dress is a very easy sheath style with a flounce, Vogue 3100 (DKNY), didn't realize it was already out of print since it can be a "girls best friend" as a wonderful BLACK dress, or anything.  I'll post a photo when I finish one or both later.  Here's the cover photo, or you can still view it on the Vogue pattern website too. As you can see by the photo, it will be really easy and quick to sew up - which I love!! 

I have also found my bee stitching which has been in "hiding" since the early parts of January that I'll begin stitching on this upcoming week and posting my first photos on September 15th.  Hope you all have a great evening.  Hopefully I'll have some new dress photos to post tomorrow evening.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's been a while, but very busy finishing

Well, spring and summer have almost passed and I've not posted in a very long time.  I have finally finished my sister's quilt after 7 years (procrastination is my middle name).   I hand-quilted it and really enjoyed.  My sister loves it thank goodness.  You can see more photos at her blog   I've also finished lots of knitting projects too.  My sister Deb and I've decided to start a "Bee Stitching Party" SAL sometime in September that will be open to all you stitching friends and it's very informal so we can all just post and link to one another's blog.  Stay tuned my sister and I will give more details if you're interested this weekend.

Here's a few of my finished knitting projects:

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bright Cold Saturday in Swannanoa

We'll, it's about 18 degrees outside but the sun is shining brightly thank goodness, so no "winter sadness" today!

I do have an update, since my last post.  I've about finished the pincushion design Honeybee Hill from Blackbird Designs.  When I was interested in beading many years ago in the late 90's I collect a lot of bead and should have plenty to use from my stash for finishing when ready.

I also found a wonderful blog thanks to my older sister Deborah at Needles & Words.  The blogger finishes her stitching with lovely laces and buttons.  Here's a link to her blog if you'd like to pay her a visit:

Since I promised a photo of the pincushion for my sister Anna Maria, here it is below.  There is a funny story to go with it.  My Sister at does major sewing for children, quilts and bags.  She had small pincushions all around her sewing area and asked for a large pincushion for her Christmas present.  I'm fairly creative and had a lot of ideas in my head but since I also procrastinate a lot, all I could think of was a 7" x 5" x 2" "brick type" design in some fabrics she gave me since she really liked.  Well, here's the finished photo for you all.  I did use craft fleece for the bottom and sides for extra durability but the rest of the filling is walnut shells.  She loved it since it will fit just about every pin anywhere... 

Don't know if there are fashion sewers out there that are like me the "figure" is not quite what it used to be.  I found these two Vogue patterns that will hide many flaws, can't wait to sew them up for work clothing.  The blouse pattern on the right would also look nice in some of the newer cool quilt fabrics (since a crisp fabric would be fine) so I'll have to go to my new Favorite online fabric store, Hawthorne threads and look around!!

Stay warm and see you next weekend all you "crafters" out there!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years 2014

I've had a very busy 2013, lots of knitting, some stitching and sewing and a few crochet projects.  The bad part is my arms and shoulders have suffered.  I really need to see a physician about this and really slow down for a while.  So far I have a toboggan for my nephew to finish, a throw for my niece, my oldest sister's ongoing quilt (which I am happy to report is actually almost done) and a scarf for my youngest son.  I finished a pincushion for my youngest sister that I intend to mail on Monday if the weather permits.  I have found a new author for quilting and I've been purchasing her books.  I just ordered three more from Amazon that will ship from Japan.  Yoko Saito is her name, the books are Scandinavian Quilts and Japanese craft book "Adult bag of a usual envoy by Youko Saito"#0388.  

I have the two in the photos below already ordered from Amazon.  I think I may work on some sewing projects for this year just to rest the muscles that I knit with; since I have at least four quilt tops that have been finished for many years :).  Hopefully this will help, but I'm not sure.  

Also, my Friday's off (part-time) ended this past Friday so I will have less time for crafting too.  Below are some photos of 2013 finishes too:

Cladonia Shaw for self, of course, love the colors too

Toboggan for son David

Infamous Orange Hoodie finished finally !

Another blouse finished two weeks ago for work, it had been partially sewn for over six months (pretty sad I know).

I hope to also work on some Cross stitch patterns this year too and have loads to show, maybe my next post.

Hope all you stitchers out there have a wonderful week (those of you in the winter months, a WARM week)!!