Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Pineapple Sampler, Scarlet Letter Challenge and finishes

I finished my sister's Quaker Alphabet Sampler by La-D-Da this past weekend but won't post a photo until after her birthday since I'd like her to be the first to see it framed.  Now that it's finished I picked up a sampler that I think I started over 7 years ago (using my favorite linen Glenshee), the Pineapple Sampler from Hillside Samplings.  I didn't realize how quick it would stitch up.  The border, alphabet and pulled work section were already done way back then, so I've just completed the first pineapple and the octagon around it; I'm really enjoying stitching it.  I love all the designs from Hillside Samplings and have made a few and have a few more to go too...
I bought my pattern when I lived in Minnesota so that's been over 10 years, wow....once I'm done stitching it, if any of you are interested I think I'll have a drawing for this pattern and a few more (before June 1st if I'm finished).  Let me know by a comment if you're interested - since I only found a few websites that still sell this pattern [the link is above].  I've also received my sampler from The Scarlet Letter that I'll begin once I receive my linen, for the Scarlet Letter Challenge....


  1. Great Progress. I wish that Hillside Samplings was still designing.