Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nothing much going on

It's been a while and I've been busy as usual with work, knitting and other stuff, like cooking, cleaning and watching TV.  I enjoyed the Olympics.  Watched mostly swimming, gymnastics, rowing and a few other things.  I am currently finishing a knitted market bag, knitted summer sweater and purchased the purple yarn for my mother's birthday and Christmas present.  My mom visited me for two weeks and we had a really nice time, but I've managed to misplace my camera, and for whatever reason, just not in a hurry to look for it.  I also purchased the new KNIT NORO Accessories and there are so many fantastic patterns.  Last night at the Black Mountain Yarn Shop knit-in I purchased the NORO yarn to make the Earflap hat for myself since I still haven't made myself one yet, and I have a feeling that winter this year may be colder.....I'll be stitching my autumn cross-stitch HOE exchange piece this coming week too.  Thank goodness for the cooler weather here in the mountains this week since the RV doesn't have very good insulation and even though it may be cool outside its a little warmer inside...

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  1. hope all is well - its fun to read your updates! you've inspired me to pick up knitting again as a stitching break, very much enjoying it! Hope its cooling down where you are, Karen in Fla.