Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back on the Internet

Well, we finally have internet service, although my wireless doesn't seem compatible so I have to "plug" into the internet for a while until I can get this resolved. Here at the "new" place we have three resident geese, 2 sets of Heron's, lots and lots of ducks and believe it our not because of one of the fish ponds - turkey vultures; but they don't hang out close to us.  We have blue birds, a couple of humming birds and our own resident groundhog too!  It's so wonderful in the evenings when it's cool to sit on the porch Phil built to sit and watch the ducks, etc. on the lake.  I do miss the garden at the log cabin as all my flowers are doing wonderful this year...
I've been mostly knitting on three projects simultaneously for a while and will post photos this weekend.  The Knitting Gems Hoodie is about 9" long now and I can start the front design part at 11-1/4", I hope to get to this point by Saturday evening. I also picked up my sampler and started stitching it again, it's Paradise Lost, Plum Street Samplers, I'm using DMC instead of silks. I had to rip out the angel body since I'm using a marbled linen from 123 Stitch and you couldn't see it.  We've planted a small garden and have already had some yellow squash and flying saucer squash too.  Dr. Watson the cat has had his first flea infestation so it's been horrible for us too, we've treated carpets and furniture in the RV and will most likely have to bomb again next week to make sure they're all gone (ugh).  That's what I get thinking I can miss a month of his Revolution.  Well guess I'd better get ready for work in a while...or look around at the blogs I haven't been ready for a while.  Hope everyone has a good day (evening) today.