Monday, May 7, 2012

Paradise Lost, Plum Street Samplers

I have finally started Paradise Lost by Plum Street Samplers.  I purchased a really nice 30 count linen (marbled) from 123 Stitch & I decided to use DMC floss since it's less expensive and it stitches up nicely too. I am also 95% finished with my knitting project titled Cap Sleeve Tunic, from Vogue Knitting,Winter 2012 issue. I hope I'll be able to wear it this winter, since this past winter here in the mountains was so mild.  I'll publish photos this week sometime.

We had our first yard sale this past weekend to sell off some of our junk, terrible rainstorms and not much selling.  Phil plans to get out there again next weekend and I plan to hang around the RV park and do laundry, sew, knit and stitch I hope.  It's so lovely here at this RV park, lots of trees, birds and quiet. 

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  1. Cant wait to see your finished stitched piece. Enjoy your time at the RV park