Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear bloggers:  I mailed my HOE yesterday finally (it’s only two weeks late)  to my HOE partner and hopefully she will receive it by Monday, per the Asheville Post Office anyway.  I also received my ornament from Lisa S. in Florida and I posted a photo above.    Sorry it’s so fuzzy, didn’t get a very good picture.  I finally have some orchid pictures above too, as three of my six are blooming.  I have no clue the names of them but they are just gorgeous I think.  I have a blue/purple “vanna” that hasn’t bloomed yet and a beautiful yellow/red one that hasn’t bloomed yet either.  Can’t wait!  I also finished hemming the curtains for my step-daughter early this morning and spent the afternoon knitting outside since it's so beautiful here.  I made a pot of venison spaghetti sauce for supper and it tasted so good I just put some in a bowl with fresh Parmesan cheese and some bread and ate without the angel hair pasta.  I am getting ready to start another stitching project tonight and will plan to post photos later this week maybe with some knitting photos too.  Have a wonderful week everyone.

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