Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear bloggers:  I mailed my HOE yesterday finally (it’s only two weeks late)  to my HOE partner and hopefully she will receive it by Monday, per the Asheville Post Office anyway.  I also received my ornament from Lisa S. in Florida and I posted a photo above.    Sorry it’s so fuzzy, didn’t get a very good picture.  I finally have some orchid pictures above too, as three of my six are blooming.  I have no clue the names of them but they are just gorgeous I think.  I have a blue/purple “vanna” that hasn’t bloomed yet and a beautiful yellow/red one that hasn’t bloomed yet either.  Can’t wait!  I also finished hemming the curtains for my step-daughter early this morning and spent the afternoon knitting outside since it's so beautiful here.  I made a pot of venison spaghetti sauce for supper and it tasted so good I just put some in a bowl with fresh Parmesan cheese and some bread and ate without the angel hair pasta.  I am getting ready to start another stitching project tonight and will plan to post photos later this week maybe with some knitting photos too.  Have a wonderful week everyone.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Blogging friends,  If you're looking for LOG CABIN LIFE, you've found it.  Phil, Watson (the cat) and & are living in the RV for a while (1 to 3 years I guess, not really sure at this time), so the blog name has now changed to RV Life.  We still live in Swannanoa, NC, so nothing really has changed.  More on this later.  I've had internet now for about one week, but on vacation in Tallahassee-FL to visit with my mom and two sisters.  I really enjoyed the visit and hated to come back to NC, the weather was wonderful.  I did not do any stitching as planned, and so my HOE project is not quite finished.  It was due on tax day in America (4/15/2012) so late.  I've posted a photo of artwork available free at the National Gallery of Art for publication.  The only stipulation of the artwork is that you give credit as, "courtesy of the National Gallery of Art".  I viewed this painting June 2011, while visiting.  It is one of my favorites, the title is, Mrs. Richard Brinsley Sheridan, painted by Thomas Gainsborough.  Have a wonderful week everyone.