Friday, March 16, 2012

Still no Internet Provider for awhile

Dear blogging friends, I still have no clue when I'll have internet service at home so I won't be able to post any photos for a while the RV is still very messy but getting cleaned up. I plan to work on my HOE exchange piece this weekend and the upcoming weeks. Have been knitting more on my son's other sock and pulled out my Knit a long piece right before it's complete as it's something that I will not wear but was a good knitting experience anyway. I've started knitting the yarn into a really nice throw from the VOGUE Knitting Winter 2011/2012 magazine and it's knitting up fast. Plan on visiting Tallahassee in the upcoming weeks to see my mom and two sisters. That's all for now - hope everyone is have a great couple of weeks.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

No post for a while

Hi fellow stitchers,

I am in the middle of a house move into a RV none the less. So the RV is a mess and the house is still a mess. Hopefully will have a internet provider some time later next week. Have a great week everyone.