Thursday, February 9, 2012

January Has Gone By...quickly

Well, dear stitching friends, it’s been almost a month since my last post and I’ve been busy working on a lot of projects. I’ve provided some photos below except for the Valentine HOE exchange piece that must be mailed by February 14th (Valentine’s Day of course) – I hope to finish this weekend and mail on Saturday morning, or at the latest Monday the 13th.

First off is a photo of our Knit-a-long project we’re stitching at Black Mountain Yarn Shop. We have all been confused by the designer’s instructions, so I and others have had to take out and “knit back in” – multiple times. The photo is hard to see but it’s quite interesting to knit – I just hope that I can finish it.

The next 2 photos are of my 1st Fair Isle knitting project that I am so excited about. I have sold it to a co-worker who loves it and has already worn it a couple of times - for a little less than the cost of the yarn, since I knit for fun, not for profit. I’ll use the money to buy more yarn since my sister and nephew want a hat’s just so much fun and I realized, you can use any cross-stitching pattern and yarn colors of your choice to knit anything! How cool is that – you just can’t sell it (depending on copywrites, permissions, etc.)!

I have also managed to work on the back of my sister Deb’s quilt and posting a photo since she’s already see it and loves it too. I hope to finish the back this weekend and hopefully baste it and begin the quilting process next week some time. I hope to machine and hand quilt it.
Lastly, I’ve started working on my oldest son’s remaining sock and once it’s finished I can mail to him to wear. I also finished and mailed the headband for my niece, Christy. I was late mailing, as sometimes I just hate to go to the post office, don’t really know why, just procrastination I guess.

Happy stitching everyone - Diana

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