Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and Wishes for 2013

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and have photos of a few finishes to share.   The first is a photo of my Mom wearing the sweater finished.  She loved it and wore it Christmas Day.  The second finish is the Annabell's Cowl that I knitted for my sister, she's wearing in the photo too.  My arm is still not strong and I will "try" and survive without knitting for two more weeks if possible....which does make me crazy....once my arm is better I'll get back to finishing the hoodie and another project that I've started.  I looked at my old post for things to accomplish for 2012 and not very much completed; but I did start and finish different projects.  I do hope to finish my sister's quilt before March I hope; would like to finish my other sister's cross-stitch too.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

2013 Knitting Projects and Colours of Shetland

I received Kate Davies new book in the mail today, it was a surprise, as it took less than a week to arrive!
I also purchased her hat pattern online at ravelry titled Sheep Heid and then purchased two types of yarn at Black Mountain Yarn Shop to make in mid-January.  I'll be using Blue Sky Alpaca Melange and Malabrigo Finito (it's a superfine merino wool) 
I'm also planning to knit the Lucy Hat, from the Knitscene, 2012 magazine that I purchased at the Black Mountain Yarn Shop.  I chose a green for the center band and a darker shade of brown/beige for the rest of the hat....


 Here's a closer  look at my color choices...Madelintosh tosh vintage

I continue to work on my sister's cowl for Christmas but will have to take a break from knitting for at least two weeks once it's complete -  since I've developed tennis "knitting" elbow in my right arm and if I don't take care of it, it'll get worse; which for me would be just awful....Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - happy stitching, knitting, sewing and crafting everyone!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Baked Acorn Squash and Sweater Blocking

I've just finished blocking my mom's sweater and have provided a few photos.  1st one is the soaking processes in my RV sink; the sink is much smaller than a standard size but it was plenty of room.  After soaking all the pieces (left and right front, back and sleeves) for 15 minutes, I squished out as much water as I could, then rolled each piece in a large bath towel and let them all sit for about 1 hour.  Once that step was completed, I measured then moved around each piece until it fit the finished measurement from Lily Chin's directions, then pinned.  This whole process took about an hour and 40 minutes..  

Now, it's just wait for all pieces to dry, then I can begin the process of sewing together using the Mattress Stitch.   I have also been able to knit about 6" of my sister's Annabella' Cowl (for Christmas) in the past few days.  I think I'll take a break from knitting today and start hand-quilting my other sister's quilt since it's so lovely and warm outside today.

I did make the Classic Baked Acorn Squash from Simply Recipes last week and they turned out really tasty.  Here's a photo and the link to the recipe.  

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Annabella's Cowl and Staghorn Cabled Coat photos

I finished the knitting all the pieces of my mom's Christmas present the Staghorn Cabled Coat from Lily Chin's book Power Cables.  Saturday morning I hope to block all the pieces then stitch together maybe early next week. Here's a photo of the completed left front - since I used a variegated yarn the cables are as distinct if I'd used one colorway.   I'm also posting a photo of the Annabella's Cowl from Churchmouse Yarns finished for myself.  I used  dragonfly fibers Traveller, which is a superwash Merino; purchased at the Black Mountain Yarn Shop.

The Twist Collective Winter 2012 is here....

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crafting and other things

It's been a while since I've posted and I've added some Barbara Ana and Primitive Hare designs to my stash.  I ordered some of the 30ct. Salem Linen from Primitive Hare Etsy store today and cannot wait until I receive it.  I'll post photos this weekend of my growing stash.  I have also finished a cowl/hoodie for myself to keep my head and ears warm.  I am also 80% finished with my mother's sweater for Christmas/birthday.. I found a quilter's blog this evening and her hand quilting and hand-applique is exquisite.  here's the link to her blog  Applique Addict

Monday, October 1, 2012

Stitching and Knitting

I have been working slowly on Paradise Lost, by Plum Street Samplers in between knitting my mom's birthday and Christmas present.  A sweater from the book by Lily Chin, Power Cables.  Mom picked out the yarn while visiting me this summer at Black Mountain Yarn Shop.  She picked a Malabrigo, 50% silk/50% wool variegated purple that is just exquisite and soft to the touch.  I was just visiting Nicole's Needlework blog and her work is just beautiful.   Good evening everyone.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Autumn in the Mountains

Wow it really felt like autumn was here early this morning, woke up and it was in the high 50's here.  I really love fall, it's my favorite season of all.  Cooler, time to start sewing some warm things, more time outdoors early on while it's cooler here, fires in the fire-pit, bbq outside in the grill....I also received by HOE fall/autumn exchange piece from Erin at Fairy Tales and French Knots.  It's a piece from Sam Hawkins' book titled, Cross Stitch Seasons".  She also finished it as a 9-patch quilted pillow.  Really cute.  I also received a soy candle which of course I've already been using in the RV, and it smells wonderful.  I have also hung the Pumpkin above the stove on one of the cabinet doors for a little bit of fall too.  You can visit her blog at the right as one of my links. 

I also purchased the smallest sewing cabinet s for my Bernina once we decided to move into the RV.  I finally got it put together today by Phil and cant want to get started really sewing again, since it will not be a major shuffle to find room....I am VERY excited about this.  I'll post a photo next time of my little sewing's really amazing what you can fit into a RV.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nothing much going on

It's been a while and I've been busy as usual with work, knitting and other stuff, like cooking, cleaning and watching TV.  I enjoyed the Olympics.  Watched mostly swimming, gymnastics, rowing and a few other things.  I am currently finishing a knitted market bag, knitted summer sweater and purchased the purple yarn for my mother's birthday and Christmas present.  My mom visited me for two weeks and we had a really nice time, but I've managed to misplace my camera, and for whatever reason, just not in a hurry to look for it.  I also purchased the new KNIT NORO Accessories and there are so many fantastic patterns.  Last night at the Black Mountain Yarn Shop knit-in I purchased the NORO yarn to make the Earflap hat for myself since I still haven't made myself one yet, and I have a feeling that winter this year may be colder.....I'll be stitching my autumn cross-stitch HOE exchange piece this coming week too.  Thank goodness for the cooler weather here in the mountains this week since the RV doesn't have very good insulation and even though it may be cool outside its a little warmer inside...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back on the Internet

Well, we finally have internet service, although my wireless doesn't seem compatible so I have to "plug" into the internet for a while until I can get this resolved. Here at the "new" place we have three resident geese, 2 sets of Heron's, lots and lots of ducks and believe it our not because of one of the fish ponds - turkey vultures; but they don't hang out close to us.  We have blue birds, a couple of humming birds and our own resident groundhog too!  It's so wonderful in the evenings when it's cool to sit on the porch Phil built to sit and watch the ducks, etc. on the lake.  I do miss the garden at the log cabin as all my flowers are doing wonderful this year...
I've been mostly knitting on three projects simultaneously for a while and will post photos this weekend.  The Knitting Gems Hoodie is about 9" long now and I can start the front design part at 11-1/4", I hope to get to this point by Saturday evening. I also picked up my sampler and started stitching it again, it's Paradise Lost, Plum Street Samplers, I'm using DMC instead of silks. I had to rip out the angel body since I'm using a marbled linen from 123 Stitch and you couldn't see it.  We've planted a small garden and have already had some yellow squash and flying saucer squash too.  Dr. Watson the cat has had his first flea infestation so it's been horrible for us too, we've treated carpets and furniture in the RV and will most likely have to bomb again next week to make sure they're all gone (ugh).  That's what I get thinking I can miss a month of his Revolution.  Well guess I'd better get ready for work in a while...or look around at the blogs I haven't been ready for a while.  Hope everyone has a good day (evening) today.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Busy Weekend

This weekend went by fast.  I had to pull-out the knitting, I accidentally knitted in the wrong directions and the two fronts didn't match.  I'm almost back to where I was at my last post and should be there by Wednesday night at the BMYS Knit-in.  I did buy a gorgeous skein of dragonfly yarn on Friday and washed my car this afternoon.  It looks so clean....anyway hope everyone has a wonderful week...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knitting Gems Hoodie

Well, I've almost finished using the first skein of Malabrigo Rios, Glazed Carrots for this sweater titled above.  I love it and I've only finished the ribbing so far.  Will post more photos as I go.

The sweater pattern is a gorgeous hoodie from the book Textured Stitches by Connie Chang Chinchio, that I purchased at Black Mountain Yarn Shop .  It's really cool, the author has a PhD in physics and designs knitting patterns by night!

I've also included a photo of the view from our RV at this RV park.  Phil and I spent a hour tonight just sitting and drinking coffee looking at the view.  You can't see in the trees but the mountains are out past them. 

 Watson has been very busy here chasing lots of rabbits, luckily, while here, he hasn't brought any to me.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Paradise Lost, Plum Street Samplers

I have finally started Paradise Lost by Plum Street Samplers.  I purchased a really nice 30 count linen (marbled) from 123 Stitch & I decided to use DMC floss since it's less expensive and it stitches up nicely too. I am also 95% finished with my knitting project titled Cap Sleeve Tunic, from Vogue Knitting,Winter 2012 issue. I hope I'll be able to wear it this winter, since this past winter here in the mountains was so mild.  I'll publish photos this week sometime.

We had our first yard sale this past weekend to sell off some of our junk, terrible rainstorms and not much selling.  Phil plans to get out there again next weekend and I plan to hang around the RV park and do laundry, sew, knit and stitch I hope.  It's so lovely here at this RV park, lots of trees, birds and quiet. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Amager Panel 1799

I'm so excited, I have wanted to order the Needleprint Gifts: Amager Panel 1799.  I finally did this today, to me it is the most excellent blue panel ever!!  Anyway, my HOE exchange partner received my ornament so here's a photo of it for you all.  It's really cool that it's also the Angels of Prairie Schooler...unfinished
and finished (sewn) as a ornament.  I hope to start one of my samplers this Thursday evening (my Friday). I'm still knitting a cable pullover for winter and plan to maybe take a new photo this weekend too.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear bloggers:  I mailed my HOE yesterday finally (it’s only two weeks late)  to my HOE partner and hopefully she will receive it by Monday, per the Asheville Post Office anyway.  I also received my ornament from Lisa S. in Florida and I posted a photo above.    Sorry it’s so fuzzy, didn’t get a very good picture.  I finally have some orchid pictures above too, as three of my six are blooming.  I have no clue the names of them but they are just gorgeous I think.  I have a blue/purple “vanna” that hasn’t bloomed yet and a beautiful yellow/red one that hasn’t bloomed yet either.  Can’t wait!  I also finished hemming the curtains for my step-daughter early this morning and spent the afternoon knitting outside since it's so beautiful here.  I made a pot of venison spaghetti sauce for supper and it tasted so good I just put some in a bowl with fresh Parmesan cheese and some bread and ate without the angel hair pasta.  I am getting ready to start another stitching project tonight and will plan to post photos later this week maybe with some knitting photos too.  Have a wonderful week everyone.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Blogging friends,  If you're looking for LOG CABIN LIFE, you've found it.  Phil, Watson (the cat) and & are living in the RV for a while (1 to 3 years I guess, not really sure at this time), so the blog name has now changed to RV Life.  We still live in Swannanoa, NC, so nothing really has changed.  More on this later.  I've had internet now for about one week, but on vacation in Tallahassee-FL to visit with my mom and two sisters.  I really enjoyed the visit and hated to come back to NC, the weather was wonderful.  I did not do any stitching as planned, and so my HOE project is not quite finished.  It was due on tax day in America (4/15/2012) so late.  I've posted a photo of artwork available free at the National Gallery of Art for publication.  The only stipulation of the artwork is that you give credit as, "courtesy of the National Gallery of Art".  I viewed this painting June 2011, while visiting.  It is one of my favorites, the title is, Mrs. Richard Brinsley Sheridan, painted by Thomas Gainsborough.  Have a wonderful week everyone.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Still no Internet Provider for awhile

Dear blogging friends, I still have no clue when I'll have internet service at home so I won't be able to post any photos for a while the RV is still very messy but getting cleaned up. I plan to work on my HOE exchange piece this weekend and the upcoming weeks. Have been knitting more on my son's other sock and pulled out my Knit a long piece right before it's complete as it's something that I will not wear but was a good knitting experience anyway. I've started knitting the yarn into a really nice throw from the VOGUE Knitting Winter 2011/2012 magazine and it's knitting up fast. Plan on visiting Tallahassee in the upcoming weeks to see my mom and two sisters. That's all for now - hope everyone is have a great couple of weeks.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

No post for a while

Hi fellow stitchers,

I am in the middle of a house move into a RV none the less. So the RV is a mess and the house is still a mess. Hopefully will have a internet provider some time later next week. Have a great week everyone.

Monday, February 20, 2012

“Furisode” (big sleeves) Kimono for an 18” Doll

I had planned on spending a quiet weekend basting my sister’s quilt but instead I helped my husband put up a shed and then on Sunday made a Kimono for my granddaughter’s new male 18” doll that she wanted, and found on the website:Runo dollmaker. Runo makes dolls and clothes, and offers the patterns free at her website. I really recommend it. It did take me most of yesterday and finished today. The pattern is not easy, but doable. I love how the finished project looks and have photos below.
I also used a pink fabric for the lining for a nice contract and here's a photo of it
,and the finished kimono, I really will have to make myself a 18" doll now, so I can make clothes for her too!!

My HOE was received by Erin so I can post now to my blog, it's a free pattern from 2009 at Gigi's, titled V Comme Valentine from 2009. I made a hanger type ornament with fabric and here’s a photo of the finish. I really love it too and hope to make one for me to hang next year maybe…

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine HOE Exchange Ornament received

Monday evening, I received my Valentine HOE ornament from Ellen. She stitched a February Stamp design for me and it's really cute. I plan to hang it at work since my work area is a ugly gray cubicle. It should really brighten up the area. She also included some really cute Love post-it-notes, which I love to collect and floss from Weeks Dye Works, can't wait to stitch with it (Turkish Red)!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A busy Saturday yesterday

I am happy to report that I finished the back of my sister's quilt so next week I can baste with the batting to the front and get ready for some machine quilting and hand quilting. I also finished my Valentine HOE exchange piece to mail on Monday, and I really want to post as my blog photo as I really love it and of course, want to stitch one for myself, but can't do it. I watched a really neat documentary titled, Team of Sky Adventurers (balloonists) on this morning on Dish network. It's the local TV station for Moscow I think. It's quite refreshing with all the garbage we see on American TV during government campaigns..Hope everyone has a restful Sunday out there. Happy stitching, sewing and knitting too...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

January Has Gone By...quickly

Well, dear stitching friends, it’s been almost a month since my last post and I’ve been busy working on a lot of projects. I’ve provided some photos below except for the Valentine HOE exchange piece that must be mailed by February 14th (Valentine’s Day of course) – I hope to finish this weekend and mail on Saturday morning, or at the latest Monday the 13th.

First off is a photo of our Knit-a-long project we’re stitching at Black Mountain Yarn Shop. We have all been confused by the designer’s instructions, so I and others have had to take out and “knit back in” – multiple times. The photo is hard to see but it’s quite interesting to knit – I just hope that I can finish it.

The next 2 photos are of my 1st Fair Isle knitting project that I am so excited about. I have sold it to a co-worker who loves it and has already worn it a couple of times - for a little less than the cost of the yarn, since I knit for fun, not for profit. I’ll use the money to buy more yarn since my sister and nephew want a hat’s just so much fun and I realized, you can use any cross-stitching pattern and yarn colors of your choice to knit anything! How cool is that – you just can’t sell it (depending on copywrites, permissions, etc.)!

I have also managed to work on the back of my sister Deb’s quilt and posting a photo since she’s already see it and loves it too. I hope to finish the back this weekend and hopefully baste it and begin the quilting process next week some time. I hope to machine and hand quilt it.
Lastly, I’ve started working on my oldest son’s remaining sock and once it’s finished I can mail to him to wear. I also finished and mailed the headband for my niece, Christy. I was late mailing, as sometimes I just hate to go to the post office, don’t really know why, just procrastination I guess.

Happy stitching everyone - Diana

Friday, January 13, 2012

Knitting a little

I have managed to finish one of my son's socks so I'm at 50% completed and here's a photo. It's not easy to see though.

We're starting a knit-a-long at the Black Mountain Yarn Shop with a project from the Interweave Knits Winter 2011 on page 78-79, called Leif Slipover, designed by Adrienne Larsen (I won't be knitting the hood). I purchased the yarn in the photo since I have gray hair and can't wear as many colors. I'll post photos as we go to see the progress. It's my first knit-a-long and it should really be fun. We have 11 ladies signed up and we start officially next Tuesday night.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

MY Stitcher's Choice Ornament Received by Hazel

I mailed my ornament by regular mail to Hazel in the UK on December 14th. The Asheville, NC post office assured me that it should have been delivered in 10 working days which would have been by Christmas. I am sad to say that Hazel didn't receive in the UK until a few days ago. It's not surprising with all the Post Office rumors of closings nationwide - I'm glad she did finally receive it and she liked it too. I really enjoyed stitching it and used beads from my giant stash for the snow instead of white thread. Here's a photo. Have a great weekend everyone

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stitching, Knitting and Sewing to Do list for 2012

Things I would like to complete by December 2012:

Paradise Lost-Plum Street Samplers (not started)
Quilt for Sister Deb (top finished)
Quilt for Friend (not started)
Prairie Schooler Christmas 2009 (1/2 finished)
Snowman Ornament (1/2 finished)
Son Allen's socks (60% of sock #1)
Knitted teal sweater to keep warm (1/3rd finished)
Loose Feathers Blackbird Designs (not started)
Quaker Sampler by La-D-Da (3/4th finished)

I think this is enough for now....

I'll be posting photos of progress for most throughout the year. What are your plans for finishes for 2012? I'd love to see them. Have a wonderful year everyone and happy stitching, knitting and sewing.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Wishes and late 2011 Project Finishes

I wish for everyone a wonderful 2012...and lots of finishes too. I've been able to get a few more things finished for the year 2011 this past week and sharing with photos below. I also have been enjoying a visit with my oldest son who is visiting from Seattle, WA. The 1st photo is the headband knitted for my niece
and here's a photo of the Samantha Ice Cream dress I sewed for my granddaughter's American Girl Doll.
Here's a photo of me and my son at our annual Christmas Party,isn't he just so cute?