Saturday, October 15, 2011

October is in, September is Out

Wow, I didn't realize my last post was almost a month ago. I finished knitting Phil's socks and they turned out excellent and fit him really good. I have posted two photos since the finished sock photo doesn't show the true colors. The unfinished sock photo shows the true colors, blues, greens, and purples.
I've also started knitting my youngest son, David a scarf for winter weather in the Low Country. I've started it over again two times, so only on row 23 right now. I hope to work on it steady until it's finished.
I'm using 5 skeins of blue sky alpacas - 100% baby alpaca sport-weight, so it's light and feels wonderful to the touch. My oldest son wants socks in a burgundy color, so I just bought two skeins of madelintosh pashmina (merino wool/silk/cashmere blend)sock weight yarn in a beautiful color called "tart".
I'm hoping my youngest son will want some socks too...I've also finished and worn 2 new pairs of pants to work - from gorgeous wool fabrics from my all time favorite fabric store here in Asheville,Waechter's Fine Fabrics. I have also bought from them a incredible purple/black 100% rayon (Newport Tweed - made in Italy) that I plan to use Vogue pattern 1246. I also finished my HOE Christmas ornament exchange this past week and mailed too, and love how it turned out. Hope everyone has a great couple of weeks, and happy stitching, knitting and sewing everyone...

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