Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5 hats done and Knit in tonight at Black Mountain Yarn Shop

Tonight is the knit in at the yarn shop and I'm on hat #6 and I'll pick out the yarn for my son's scarf tonight, even though it's way to hot here in Swannanoa to start knitting it. But at least I'll have it when I'm in a air-conditioned building to start knitting. I have purchased some new patterns from 1-2-3 Stitch online to work on starting in a month or two (I have plenty to do once the cooler months arrive). It's just too hot to be in my sewing room upstairs unless I sew very early in the morning (6 - 8 am) or sew very late at night after 11pm. I have a pair of dark purple Capri's about finished, so maybe very early Friday Morning I can finish. I need a few pairs for my trip to Florida in a few weeks to visit my mom. Also, I found a really cute pattern for a cardigan knit in one piece (garter stitch) and here's a link to the creator's blog: Green Mittens, and the pattern link is available at her blog on the left side called the CORINNE.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

2 more Knitted Hats and Creekbed scarf for my son

I finished two more hats for the homeless and found a gorgeous man's scarf pattern at Nik's Knits so I sent the link to both my sons to see if they'd like a scarf for this winter since one lives in Seattle and the other lives in Mt. Pleasant, SC. My youngest one would like this in black so I plan to buy the yarn next week at Black Mountain Yarn shop and get started. I've also picked up my sister's cross stitch and it's starting to look really nice too.