Sunday, June 19, 2011

Snowmen Ornaments and Sideways Vest

I just finished The Sideways Strip Vest from the book by Noro called Knit Noro, 30 Designs in Living Color. I had to use two sizes smaller needles (size 6) to get the correct gauge but it's amazing how it fits great, will have to wear it first once fall gets here in the mountains. Also I finished my Snowman Christmas ornament this past week and mailed to partner in the US, I enjoyed stitching it so much (I love Snowmen) that I want to make one for myself for this Christmas. As soon as my recipient receives, I'll post a photo. Also I received this wonderful ornament from Ina my exchange partner from the Netherlands.

For the vest, I used two different colors so that I can wear this with about every color pullover t-shirt. I'm hoping to start knitting something I can wear this summer, but I'd better hurry up and get started. Also, I need to start socks for my spouse, finish my sister's quilt and get started on another quilt for a friend.

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