Sunday, March 27, 2011

Working on WIPs

Well, I've been very busy since Thursday night working on projects. I finished block 3 of the Asheville Cotton Co. $5 Quilt for 2011; have about 2/3 of the green cowl knitted (1 ball out of three left), finally started sewing Phi's yellow knitted sweater together (shoulders done so far), busy cross-stitching on the Quaker Christmas ornament for the HOE exchange due in 15 or so days. Also, finished my son's curtains and will deliver to him in the Low Country today (Sunday). No photos though, maybe to come later. Next weekend I need to do some planting though (re-pot 3 of my orchids. One is already blooming and will post a photo next week. Its one of my new ones and just gorgeous [light greenish-yellow with fuchsia polka dots, etc.]) Well, it's 6:20 am and will try and get maybe one more hour of sleep before traveling to Charleston for visiting with family and training for work. Happy quilting, stitching and knitting everyone.

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