Saturday, March 5, 2011

Red Exchange Received and another Lazy Weekend

I received my Red Exchange on Friday in the mail and it's a lovely needle keep and some really pretty red threads that I hope to use in the future from Lisa. I do love the design she stitched for me (LOVE, by Debbie Draper Designs).

I really hoped to finish my son's curtains early this morning, but really still don't feel totally 100% yet. Also working a lot of extra hours at my new Part-time job (still more like 40 hours each week). Hopefully this will be over for good 3/18/2011. I can only hope. I did drag my dining room table upstairs to use as my quilting/sewing table though as it's the heavy country butcher block style and very sturdy. The plastic type table just wasn't sturdy enough for cutting. Hopefully tonight I'll work more on the curtains. I'm also knitting a really pretty green cowl for spring and it's slowly coming along.

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