Sunday, March 27, 2011

Working on WIPs

Well, I've been very busy since Thursday night working on projects. I finished block 3 of the Asheville Cotton Co. $5 Quilt for 2011; have about 2/3 of the green cowl knitted (1 ball out of three left), finally started sewing Phi's yellow knitted sweater together (shoulders done so far), busy cross-stitching on the Quaker Christmas ornament for the HOE exchange due in 15 or so days. Also, finished my son's curtains and will deliver to him in the Low Country today (Sunday). No photos though, maybe to come later. Next weekend I need to do some planting though (re-pot 3 of my orchids. One is already blooming and will post a photo next week. Its one of my new ones and just gorgeous [light greenish-yellow with fuchsia polka dots, etc.]) Well, it's 6:20 am and will try and get maybe one more hour of sleep before traveling to Charleston for visiting with family and training for work. Happy quilting, stitching and knitting everyone.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Heart's Desire BOM (free) from Esther

If you really want an exquisite BOM to piece and quilt, you must visit Esther's blog. The blocks are just incredible and gorgeous.....I plan on working on these in the upcoming weeks. Also, now that I'm stitching again, here is a list of a few of my WIPs that I really want to finish before June 2012: The Quaker Alphabet by La De Da for my sister Anna,CA Wells' Mermaid that I still keep putting down. I have started my Quaker HOE piece and it's looking good so far. Happy stitching, quilting and knitting everyone.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Very Busy Week

This week has been very busy, went to the First Annual Shop Hop event at Black Mountain Yarn Shop in Black Mountain, NC. We started at the Yarn Shop, then a trip to a local Chocolate Shop, on to the Merry Wine shop then dinner at Que Serra. The evening ended around 9pm and we all had a wonderful time. Yesterday evening was the Evening Knit In at the yarn shop and we had a really good time too. I'm still working on the Rain on the Prairie Scarf designed by Maureen Hefti in the Spring 2011 Interweave Knits. Not sure who will get this one but I have an idea...
You can't really see it but there is a great sparkle thread throughout the yarn (like a foil). The yarn I'm using is Nashua from Westminster Fibers Grand Opera in Grass Green. I mailed my Red Exchange last Tuesday and I don't think my partner has received yet; so as not to repeat a late mail-out I've already picked my next exchange piece and will start stitching tomorrow night. I've decided that I can photo the thread color and fabric that I'll be using since it won't give away the project. Asheville Cotton Company has a new BOM $5 quilt and here's a photo of my 1st 2 blocks (Jan & Feb) I changed some of the colors and we get block three tomorrow or Saturday. I really am hoping to finally finish all blocks so my quilt top will be a whopping $5..

Plans for the weekend: finish my son's curtains, work on Hooked on Exchange (HOE) piece, and rest? Who knows. Happy knitting, stitching and sewing everyone.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Red Exchange Received and another Lazy Weekend

I received my Red Exchange on Friday in the mail and it's a lovely needle keep and some really pretty red threads that I hope to use in the future from Lisa. I do love the design she stitched for me (LOVE, by Debbie Draper Designs).

I really hoped to finish my son's curtains early this morning, but really still don't feel totally 100% yet. Also working a lot of extra hours at my new Part-time job (still more like 40 hours each week). Hopefully this will be over for good 3/18/2011. I can only hope. I did drag my dining room table upstairs to use as my quilting/sewing table though as it's the heavy country butcher block style and very sturdy. The plastic type table just wasn't sturdy enough for cutting. Hopefully tonight I'll work more on the curtains. I'm also knitting a really pretty green cowl for spring and it's slowly coming along.