Friday, January 28, 2011

The Weekend

Well, today was finally my last day at my full-time job and I officially start my part-time job on Monday (Mon - Thursday), with every Friday off, so it will be a three day weekend from here on out I hope. To celebrate, I'm traveling to Charleston/Mt. Pleasant, SC this weekend to visit my youngest son. Next Monday evening I intend to take another sewing class for my new Bernina at Asheville Cotton Co., since I've not really been all that impressed with this machine and actually pulled out my Baby Lock to piece my sister's quilt together. I find it incredible that you have to change the needles so much and if you don't, the stitching looks awful. Since I've been sewing for over 40 years now (Kenmore, Singer, Baby Lock) and haven't had stitching look like this from any of these machines and did I mention that it was 4 times as much $$ as any of my other sewing machines (but I did buy it on an impulse/emotion - so my fault)... Anyway as long as I can sew with something it's okay. Hopefully, in a future post I can report that I'm happy with this new machine and using it a lot more. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and happy stitching, quilting and knitting.

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