Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's back to work tomorrow

Well, I just finished "Furious Love", the new book about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, it was a wonderful book which is great since I bought the hardback before I read it. My sister chatted to me about this practice of mine, buying books before I read them. I just bought two more knitting books that look very promising and I did take the time to look through them and make sure that I would knit out of them. I plan to read more this year, and getting ready to start "An Irish Country Doctor" tonight or tomorrow night. I haven't knitted or sewn anything since returning from Tallahassee, FL on the 26th of December, guess my hands just needed a rest.

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  1. I had to post a comment since we not only share the same name, but also the same interests! I also love to read, knit, sew, and quilt, and have to find time around my work schedule.